New MD and bright future for Uni-Safe Rettungsgeräte GmbH

We are pleased to announce and introduce Mr. Ralf-Thomas Rapp as new
Managing Director of Uni-Safe Rettungsgeräte GmbH, and to welcome
him onboard our team of dedicated personnel in the marine sector and
to an industry in which he is very well versed.

Since 1988 Uni-Safe Rettungsgeräte GmbH has been active on the

German maritime market, and mainly with focus on the military- and
professional customers. Until now the business has been sales of professional RIB’s for law
enforcement, police and military applications. However the future requires more activity on the
aftermarket and service of the products delivered over the years, and with many new deliveries in the
pipeline for this interesting market, we find it the right time to get yet another skilled person to join our
company, says CEO of Uni-Safe A/S and Uni-Safe Rettungsgeräte GmbH; Mr. Johnny S. Meyer. Our
choice to bring Ralf-Thomas Rapp into our team will add knowhow and skills to our business structure
on the German market, but also release work from others who will be able to focus on other business
areas within our companies.


Sales and service of military RIB’s and other military and safety related products such as lifejackets,
immersion suits, pyrotechnics and other relevant PPE products is “like coming back home” adds Ralf-
Thomas Rapp, who has been part of this market since 1986 and his early years with RAPP Service
Maritime and Paul Merten/SEEPILZ. New business structures and take over lead him through different
well established players on the marine market such as Bofort, Cosalt and Survitec Group before Ralf-
Thomas Rapp in 2013 decided to challenge the LNG Hybrid market as Director with Becker Marine
Systems GmbH.


From my new daily office in Hamburg, I will be able to service the existing and potential new customers
even better, than in the past. New interesting projects for the future in relations to sales of new boats as
well as expansion of the service capacity for the existing fleet of RIB’s, inflatable boats and equipment
within the German market is interesting for me, and it gives me the drive to face the challenge to
establish this business together with my new skilled colleagues in Germany and Denmark, informs Ralf-
Thomas Rapp.


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