Shockwave S3 jockeysæde dual

These lightweight jockey seats are popular high travel seats designed for heavy-duty deck mounted applications where feet in suspension may be needed.
The FOX Float H2O shock absorber offers 8-inches of travel for high speeds and extreme sea conditions.

  • Seats Are Compact and Lightweight
  • Suitable for Most Payloads and Sea Conditions
  • Absorbs High Energy Offshore Wave Impact
  • Foldable rear seat to optimize deckspace when needed

Seat height adjustment, seat length adjustement and a combination of both is available as optional equipment.
Length adjustment is only possible on front seat.

Kim Larsen

Specialist i Shockwave

+45 45 32 86 05 22

SHOCKWAVE’s S3 Lightweight Fixed Dual Jockey Seats are designed to maximize space. These long travel seats are built for heavy duty, deck or bulkhead mounted applications where feet in suspension may be needed. Seat shown with front handrails. SHOCKWAVE’s S3 Lightweight Jockey Seats are designed 20% lighter while improving performance and prolonging the time to Whole Body Vibration (WBV) limit. To maximize deck space, they offer a quick release track system, and quick connect height adjust. Suitable for high-speed RIBS, boarding operations and tactical craft, there is no jockey seat like it. The 8-inch travel FOX Float H2O shock absorber sets the benchmark for performance.


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