Bumerang BLT 125 Pneumatic Line Thrower

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Throwing Unit: 1,6kg/90cm

Deep draw and extruded aluminum 6082 T-6
Stainless steel MS 58 Brass PVC ABS

Hard anodized
Chrom-Nikel Plated

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Projectile Line: Thickness 3mm, Breaking strength 220kgf, Color White

BLT 125 is a line throwing device that can be used for various applications, especially for mooring operations. BLT 125 has interchangeable launchers and easy refilling projectiles. Unit can be used with a high pressure air tube as well as with a 33 g CO2 cartridge.

Projectile reaches approximately 125 meters. Projectiles only effected from crosswind. Projectile reaches the maximum speed at end of the launcher. Due to aerodynamic structure, wind has the minimum effect on the projectiles.

Because there is no explosives, it can be threwn from and into flammable areas. Two safety features protect the system from false and accidental throwing.

All items are reusable. Shelf life is unlimited, if regular maintenance is done by Authorized Service’s personnel. Only cost for 4 throws is refilling the cylinder with dry air.


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